My name is Branna Laurelin, and I am a faery soul from the forests of Norway. This is a seasonal nature blog, as well as reflecting my passions in life: Playing the harp, creatures from fairy tales and mythology, everything Celtic and/or Irish (especially the music and art), and creating jewellery inspired by the world of fantasy and the organic shapes in nature. Here I will share what inspires me, and hope that I in turn can inspire you.

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Showcasing some new clothes that I just love! The short vest is from Timjan Design, and it is one of my favourite articles of clothing already, even though it only arrived yesterday. It has two sets of buttons in the front and lacing at the back, which makes it not only durable and adjustable, but also very comfortable. The colour is so beautiful, and the little sleeves so cute :) Another benefit is that since you can lace it really tight, it gives great support for the bust, which means that if you have a tiny bust like me, you can disperse with the bra. 

The green wrap skirt is another great find, from the shop greencotton. It has two layers in different shades of green, and is so elegant and beautiful! I adore it.

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